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Cyanotype + Inkjet

I've returned back to my photographic roots with experimenting with alternative photographic processes. In this case, the wonderful enigmatic world of cyanotypes. I'm in search of perfecting a combination of techniques in the chemical and digital darkroom. I've been exploring different inkjet paper choices for the Cyanotype. Here is what I have tested: pre-soaking paper in various acid baths, pre-coating paper with fumed silica, coating paper with traditional Cyanotype chemistry from Photographer's Formulary, and lastly, testing out some of the Cyanotype recipes from Christopher James textbook. I've discovered a chemical that reacts in a very strange way. Below is the end result of many trials and errors.

Those weird looking patterns / sparkles on this image are my attempt in controlling the effect of a chemical salt. I'll post more later and even video of the chemical reaction.

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