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Call for Models

Updated: May 10, 2019

I'm in search of collaborators whom are DNA donor-conceived or DNA donors to pose in front of the camera, anonymously or not.

Portrait of Anonymous Donor #1

I'm interested in meeting and learning about the experiences that DNA Donors and DNA Donor-Conceived children have endured. My photography project involves converting and translating a portion of a willing subject's DNA data information into a patterned quilt to serve as a backdrop. Additionally, the subject would either choose to remain anonymous or visibly known in front of their illuminated queen-size quilt background.

A photography project that combines science, heirlooms and the personal.

If you or you know of anyone that may be interested? Please direct them to this blog entry.

Anonymous Parent No.1

"I volunteered my DNA to a couple that promised I would be close and connected to the child. I have yet to be invited or accepted into their lives. I was told that they used two DNA donors and that they do not want to do a paternity test. From that moment forward, it was obvious that I was to be secret."

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